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Farming Machinery: Simple Tips for Critical Tractor Maintenance

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The tractor is probably the most essential farming machines in modern agricultural operations. In simple terms, this engineering vehicle is versatile because it is designed to haul trailers and other farming implements like ploughs and harrows. The farm tractor is built resiliently and it can deliver high torque at low speed to power the attached equipment. However, it is not indestructible, and the vehicle will lose its performance capabilities when exposed to unfavourable conditions. Therefore, if you have recently acquired a tractor for your small farming operation, it is crucial to understand the maintenance requirements for the machinery. Here are simple tips on performing critical tasks to promote good tractor function and prolong its lifespan.

Changing and Testing the Oil

Modern tractors are constructed to withstand long usage without necessitating frequent oil changes. Therefore, you should perform this maintenance task as recommended by the manufacturer. If you use the tractor heavily in farming and estate management, you should consider changing the oil more frequently. When changing the oil, use a large pan to collect the old engine oil. This is important for evaluating the internal condition of the vehicle. Check the fluid for metal fillings because these could indicate accelerated wear of the engine's moving components. It is advisable to consult a machinery technician for repair. You should also consider requesting for a technical oil scan in a laboratory periodically to identify other contaminants and their sources.

Replace the Filter

You should change the fuel filter to reduce the contaminants flowing into the internal components of the tractor. When replacing this component, you should always seal off the fuel line to prevent spillage of the oil on the engine. For increased safety, consider using a pan to catch the droplets from the old filter and leakages from the hose. You should also check the manual instructions on replacement of the fuel line. Some manufacturers encourage the change of this component when installing the filter. The air filter should also be replaced to promote better air flow to the engine. You should also clean and replace the air pre-filters and replace them during this task.

Check Water-Based Coolant

If your tractor uses a water-based coolant, you should check the quality periodically to promote optimal cooling. For this task, you will require a hydrometer to ensure that the fluid can perform the task. Insert the hydrometer and check the freezing and boiling point of the liquid. Compare the value with the recommended figures; flush the coolant if there are significant discrepancies.