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Three Critical Features for Efficient Spiral Drainage Tubing

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Proper drainage in both residential and commercial property is essential. It will prevent pooling of stormwater on the pertinent outdoor space, which could cause damage to structures such as concrete driveways, parking lots and general landscaping. Moreover, the redirection of water limits the risk of flooding during wet seasons. One of the beneficial features in an effective drainage system is spiral tubing. This structure can handle high volumes of water, and it can act either as a culvert or simple drainage channel. When shopping for the perfect spiral tubing for installation, consider looking for these outlined advantageous features.

Strong Structural Material

The strength of the spiral drainage tubing will determine the performance after installation. In simple terms, if the material used to create the tubes is weak, the drainage system will be vulnerable to damage by mechanical impact and high water pressure. In addition, this aspect will determine the service life of the tubing. Ideally, you should choose steel spiral tubes for your property. This material is strong and can withstand the stress to which it is likely to be exposed. Also, the tubes are heavyweight, so they will not be prone to shifting after installation. You should remember that all steel materials are not equal, so choose thick and high quality spiral pipes.

Galvanised Tubing

Spiral steel tubes are extremely resilient when used in drainage applications. However, the material contains iron, which is prone to rusting and corrosion. If standard steel is installed in your property, it will begin degrading immediately after exposure to the stormwater. Therefore, you should ensure that you have selected galvanised products. Basically, these are covered in a layer of protective zinc which prevents exposure of the steel material to the rust factors. You might also find alternative spiral tubes coated with a plastic layer. The cost will be higher, but the protection is ideal.

Corrugated Profile

You should consider acquiring corrugated spiral tubing over alternative rigid smooth pipes for drainage. While both options are beneficial, corrugated products are more suited for this particular outdoor application. The grooves on the surface of the tubes allow the structures to settle more firmly into the soil after installation. Also, this design allows the channel to be more flexible, so it can handle high pressure without stress in comparison to the smooth type.

When you install your spiral tubing, you should ensure that the new features are inspected and maintained periodically. Accelerated wear and premature failure will occur if negative factors are not detected early and mitigated.