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Why Timber Export Pallets Are a Sustainable Solution for Any Business

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At the rate at which globalisation is happening, international trade is now much easier than it ever has been. And with this reality in mind, it is notable that most of the items people come into contact with, be it food, beverages, clothing, electronics and so on, have been transported via pallet from their point of origin. So if you are looking to export your products, one of the first decisions that you need to make is the material you prefer for your pallets.

With plastic and metal pallets on the rise, some people may overlook the value of timber pallets. But if you want to run a sustainable business that will have minimal impact on the planet, then wooden pallets should be your go-to choice. Read on for two compelling reasons why timber export pallets are a sustainable solution for any business.

Green solution 

When it comes to sustainability, one of the first things to bear in mind is how your business is affecting the planet. Wooden export pallets remain one of the two green solutions for industries the world over because of several reasons. Firstly, timber is a renewable resource. Thus, you do not have to be concern about deforestation if the wood is sourced from tree farms. Secondly, producing wooden export pallets is not a process that poses a threat to the environment. The raw wood does not go through extensive processing since all it needs is some cutting, sanding and attaching via nails. Hence, no toxic emissions are being introduced to the environment.

This processing is a far cry from what plastic pallets are put through. From oil extraction to moulding, plastic pallets cause a substantial degree of environmental pollution. Lastly, since pallets do not last forever, you have to consider the implications of tossing out your damage pallets. Unlike timber, metal and plastic do not decompose so there is ground contamination to bear in mind too.

Reduced cost

While sustainability is typically associated with the environment, it also plays a crucial role in your business' operational costs. So when picking out your export pallets, it is advisable to consider both how it will impact your expenses as well as those of the consumer. Wooden pallets are typically manufactured from lumber off-cuts. This provides you with various advantages including low production costs, low labour costs and undeniably low material costs.

Metal pallets may seem like an attractive option, but they are one of the most expensive solutions that you could seek. Thus, if you are looking to keep your export expenses low, then wooden pallets will be the best choice.