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Don't Do Anything I Wooden Do: How to Select the Right Timber Packaging

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Whether you’re shipping expensive industrial equipment, high-value antiques or product samples, you’re going to want to ensure your packaging solutions suit your needs.  Timber packaging is low-cost and highly efficient - and there are a number of different options after you’ve chosen to ship in timber, too.  Here are some things you may wish to consider when making your choice. Will I Need to Access My Shipment? After packaging, will you need to access your product? Read More»

Important Questions to Ask When Considering a Crane Rental or Hire

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Many contractors and construction workers hire or rent cranes for temporary use; this allows them to have a wide variety of cranes available for a number of different jobs, without the expense and hassle of owning the crane, storing it when not in use, and so on. When you are ready to rent or hire cranes for any type of job, note a few important questions to ask the rental agency so you can ensure you choose the right crane and know what’s involved overall. Read More»

Some Quick Tips on Choosing Casters for Home Projects

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If you build furniture or other items for use around the house, you may want to add casters or wheels to certain pieces. These casters may look very similar when you’re ready to shop and you may not realize how certain features affect their overall use, but understanding some differences in casters will help you to make the best choice. Note a few quick tips on choosing the best casters for home projects. Read More»

Commonly Asked Questions About Renting a Scissor Lift

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A scissor lift can actually be rented by homeowners who want to do their own repairs or painting at an elevated height, such as for an acoustic ceiling. They can also be rented by maintenance workers for any school or business, as needed. Whatever your reasons for renting a scissor lift, if this is your first time working with such equipment, consider some commonly asked questions about these pieces and their use. Read More»

How to get limescale off your shower screen

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When heated hard water comes into contact with a surface, especially a shower screen, all the dissolved minerals present in the water tend to solidify resulting in a white lime scale deposit. This often turns into a cyclic problem for persons who clean shower screens and use the shower head water to rinse off the surface and leave it to air dry. Limescale deposits on the shower screen actually can raise questions about the hygiene of the shower itself and may lead to complaints as well as negative reviews from clients staying in the hotel. Read More»