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The Advantages Of Choosing PVC Doors For Your Public Bathrooms

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A public bathroom might be a decidedly utilitarian facility, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put some serious thought into the fixtures and fittings placed within in. Choosing the wrong materials for flooring, wall coverings and other necessary components can make your bathroom harder to maintain and clean, and generally make your bathroom less pleasant for your customers and/or employees to use. The importance of choosing the right materials for a new public bathroom also applies to its doors, and a conventional timber door usually isn’t the best choice. Read More»

How Recycled Bricks Can Add Character to Your Building

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Whether you are thinking about building an entirely new house, adding a small home extension or just repairing a damaged wall, you will need to budget carefully. It is easy for project costs to spiral when the unexpected happens and the job becomes larger or more complex than you expected. Before you know what is happening, the planned budget is long forgotten, and your bills are mounting. If you want to find a way to manage your material costs so that you can still finish your project within budget, then the best way to do that is by visiting a reclamation and timber salvage yard and looking for some recycled bricks to incorporate into your project design. Read More»