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Food Packaging: Nozzle vs. Chamber Vacuum Sealers

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The vacuum sealer is an advantageous machine in packaging food in both residential and commercial environments. This tool can help you maximise the shelf life of your food items and ensure that the freshness is retained. In addition, you will be able to save on food expenses because the storage technique will allow bulk purchase. There are diverse vacuum sealers in the market that are designed for small-scale and large-scale usage in food packaging processes. Therefore, it is important to examine and analyse the models available before making a decision. Here is a brief comparative description of the primary types of vacuum sealers to consider acquiring for your home or business.

Nozzle Vacuum Sealer

The nozzle vacuum sealer is also known as the retractable snorkel sealer. As implied, this type of equipment is designed with a nozzle component to evacuate the bags used for food packaging. Basically, the sealer has pneumatic jaws that are designed to hold the bag during the packaging process. In an ideal cycle, the equipment jaws will open, allowing the nozzle to come forward. The bag will be placed on the jaws with the nozzle inside.

These jaws will then come down, and the bag will be vacuumed through the nozzle. The machine is usually operated using a foot pedal, so you will be able to handle the bag efficiently during the process. When the bag is satisfactorily evacuated, the nozzle will retract and the bag will be sealed. The completion of the process can be assessed through time or pressure. Moreover, you can choose equipment that allows storage of sealing data for different foods.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The chamber sealer is more expensive, so it is not popular for casual users. In addition, the design is more intricate, which means that less human labour is required for efficient completion of the task. Basically, the chamber vacuum sealer utilises an internal sealing method. You will place the bag with the food inside the sealing compartment of the equipment. Once the machine is closed, the air in the chamber and within the bag will be evacuated simultaneously. This method is highly effective in removing high percentages or air, and you can create custom settings for air content before sealing.

The Verdict

The nozzle vacuum sealer is relatively inexpensive, so it is ideal for small business or residential applications. On the other hand, the expensive chamber alternative is more efficient and can seal several pouches at once. Moreover, this vacuums more effectively and requires minimal involvement of the operator.