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Things to think about when you're using a sandblaster

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A sandblaster is a useful tool when you want to remove paint, rust, or heavy dirt from just about any surface. Sandblasting is not a difficult procedure, and as long as you keep safe and use appropriate safety gear it's fully possible to perform on your own without calling any professionals in. To do your own sandblasting, there are also a few things you should think about to make the procedure as simple as possible and to make the result turn out like you want it. 

Wear the right safety gear

Sandblasting isn't particularly dangerous, but if you were to be hit by the beam on your bare skin, this could do some serious damage. Always dress with the objective of covering as much of your body as possible. You should wear gloves and safety goggles at all times when working, and you could also opt for a full body overall to protect the rest of your body. If you're wearing regular clothes, it's probable sand will get into your clothes, which can irritate your skin. An overall can  better protect you from this. You should also consider wearing a breathing mask so you  don't inhale sand particles or particles of the material that is being blasted off.

Care for the blaster

The most important thing to remember when using a sandblaster is that it's very sensitive to moisture. If the sand or the nozzle is just a little bit moist, this can cause the blaster to clog, even after just a short while. Wipe the entire machine dry before you start using it, and dig through the sand with your hands before pouring it into the machine to make sure it's dry. You should also think about what sand you're using. It needs to be fine and without traces of debris. Sand sold for children's sandboxes tends to have these qualities and is not as expensive as sand especially sold for sandblasting.

Recycle the sand

If it's a large project that you're working on, it's going to require quite a lot of sand. This can be a hassle, as you will have to carry that sand around with you on the workplace in heavy bags. To avoid having to do this, and to cut the costs on sand, you should recycle the sand that you're using. Put down a tarp underneath the material you're blasting. When you're done, simply lift the tarp up and pour the used sand back into a bag to use again. The sand isn't ruined just because it has been used, and recycling it will keep you from having to carry it around.