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Choosing the Right Type of Plumbing Material for Your Home

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Certainly, you want to have a reliable water and gas supply in your home. Water and gas are among the essential utilities at home, and a reliable supply at various points goes a long way to make you comfortable. An important part of the water and gas supply system is the plumbing, which makes up the connection for the main supply lines to the various points within your home. Therefore, the plumbing should be free from leaks, physical damage, and blockage that can interfere with the supply of water and cooking gas at any point. This is possible if you choose the right material for the plumbing system. Here are a few that you should know and understand:

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Pipes

Polyvinyl chloride pipes are made using a combination of vinyl and plastic materials. PVC pipes are ideal for supplying cold water in the home. It is not ideal for hot water plumbing because the material cannot stand the high water temperature from boilers and water heaters. However, when used for cold water applications, PVC is durable because it does not rust, wear out, or rot despite the constant contact with water. Preferably, you should go for PVC when using underground piping for the supply of cold water. This helps to reduce the risks of physical damage, as the pipes cannot be hit by objects when they are fitted underground. Besides underground water supply systems to your home, PVC pipes are also suitable for sewage systems connected to septic tanks outside the house. 

Copper Pipes

Copper pipes are another good alternative for the plumbing in your home. Unlike most of the other metals such as iron and lead, initially used to make plumbing pipes, copper is easier to work with because it is softer. This makes it easy to bend and more resistant to breaking, making it ideal for places where the plumbing requires a lot of bending. Moreover, the copper pipes can be used with both cold and hot water since copper can stand a wide range of temperature values without breaking or melting.

ABS Pipes

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is made using synthetic resin. When heated, it melts into plastic and hardens once it has cooled. The ABS pipes are used for above ground and on-wall plumbing for drainage, ventilation, and waste removal from your home. The ABS pipes allow transmission piping where they can be joined to cast iron, copper, or steel pipes. Moreover, they can be used with both hot and cold water.