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Versatility of Plastic Gaskets in Industrial Applications

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Plastic sheeting is playing an increasingly significant role in improving the quality of plastic products, while simultaneously decreasing expenses. Recent advances in technology have created stronger, more durable plastic sheets which provide designers the ability to create superior products at a fraction of the previous cost. These plastic sheets are then used to create various finished products in industries ranging from aerospace and manufacturing to prosthetics and lighting. Plastic sheets can be cut, using stamping or water jets, to create plastic gaskets that are extremely versatile. Durable material with a range of temperature tolerances make plastic gaskets widely utilized across many industries.


Plastic gaskets used in the Aerospace industry must be extremely durable. These high-wear seals need to withstand exposure to fuel, oil and water, as well as the extremely high pressures found in the atmosphere. These gaskets, cut from plastic sheeting, are commonly used in gas turbine engines, gearboxes and auxiliary power units.


Packaging equipment, such as pouch and bag sealing machinery, is a cog in the manufacturing industry. These machines are responsible for ensuring that finished goods are sealed and ready for shipment. Gaskets, which are used in the packaging equipment, require a durable seal that can withstand heavy use as these machines are operated daily.

Military & Defense

Militaries are tasked with defending their country at any cost, something that high-quality gaskets make a possibility. Plastic gaskets used in military equipment, such as tanks, are manufactured to withstand harsh conditions while protecting ground- and vehicle-mounted electronics.

Material Handling

It is imperative that material handling equipment operates flawlessly to ensure no products or shipments are damaged. Industrial trucks, tuggers, forklifts and even cranes operate with heavy-duty, durable gaskets that can withstand constant use.

Oil & Gas

The Oil and Gas industry is constantly evolving and adapting to changing regulations. Equipment used in this industry must be able to withstand the harsh conditions found in oilfields, processing plants and offshore drilling rigs. With exposure to high-pressures, intense temperatures, abrasive fluid and even saltwater, plastic gaskets are perfectly suited for the challenge. The potential for emergency situations in this industry is also higher, which requires the use of reliable and durable plastic gaskets.

While these are just a few examples of how plastic gaskets are utilized, there are countless more applications, across numerous industries. The versatility of plastic gaskets makes them a unique product that can be altered to service almost any industry.