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The Advantages Of Choosing PVC Doors For Your Public Bathrooms

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A public bathroom might be a decidedly utilitarian facility, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't put some serious thought into the fixtures and fittings placed within in. Choosing the wrong materials for flooring, wall coverings and other necessary components can make your bathroom harder to maintain and clean, and generally make your bathroom less pleasant for your customers and/or employees to use.

The importance of choosing the right materials for a new public bathroom also applies to its doors, and a conventional timber door usually isn't the best choice. The moist, humid environs of the average public bathroom can cause timber doors to swiftly fall victim to rot and decay. Doors made of robust PVC plastic are far more suitable for use in public bathrooms, and have a number of advantages over doors made of timber or other materials.

What are the advantages of choosing PVC doors for my public bathroom?


Unlike timber, PVC is a non-porous, non-absorbent material, and will not absorb water or airborne moisture even in the most humid and poorly ventilated of bathrooms. This gives water-borne bacteria and pathogens no chance to breed on the surfaces of your doors, and also prevents dirt and stains from permanently marring your doors.

This is very important, considering that the doors of most bathrooms tend to be a haven for bacteria and pathogens (especially if your customers or employees aren't diligent about washing their hands. A simple cleaning with a standard bathroom disinfectant is all that is required to keep PVC bathroom doors sanitary.

Immune to rot

This lack of absorbency, coupled with PVC's non-organic properties, also means that PVC doors are completely immune to mould and rot, even after many years of use in a humid bathroom. This makes PVC doors an excellent long-term investment, and prevents mould staining from making your bathrooms look unsanitary.


PVC doors can also handle a significant physical beating, and will not shatter or splinter under heavy impacts; perfect for heavily used bathrooms in busy public areas, such as shopping centres or train stations.

Graffiti resistant

Gouging obscene phrases into the surfaces of timber bathroom doors is a happy pastime for many schoolboys (and immature men), but PVC doors will spoil their fun. Their hard surfaces are very difficult to noticeably scratch, and the smooth, impermeable nature of this surface also allows ink and spray paint to be wiped away relatively easily.


PVC doors are generally lighter than all but the flimsiest of timber doors, and are considerably lighter than aluminium doors. This is particularly useful for doors in disabled access bathrooms, since they often have to be used by people with limited strength and/or mobility.


You might expect all these useful advantages to come at a heavy cost, but PVC doors are actually one of the most economical options around when it comes to bathroom door materials. They can be even cheaper if you order them in bulk to fit out multiple bathrooms at once.