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Three Ways in Which Concrete Floor Coatings Can Improve Workplace Safety

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Concrete floor coatings are important to protect the surface of your floor. But you may not realise that they have an important effect on safety as well. Here are some of the ways that a concrete floor coating can improve the safety of your workers.

Prevents Slippages

Firstly, coating your concrete floor can prevent workers from slipping. An untreated floor can be easy to slip on. This is a risk that increases if anything has been spilt on it. Oil or grease on a concrete floor can be a serious hazard to anyone walking on it. By coating your concrete floor you can reduce this risk. Many coatings are designed to prevent slippages, by providing a textured surface that improves the grip on the floor. Some coatings contain an aggregate that will leave a rough texture, while others can have an extra coating of aggregate painted over them. Whichever type you choose, you can seriously lower the risk of an accident by using a floor coating.

Avoids Trips

Secondly, an untreated concrete floor can easily be a trip hazard in itself. This is because there is nothing to protect it from damage. As it begins to suffer wear from foot traffic and impact from heavy items, the concrete can start to chip away, form hollows and even develop holes. Any of these can become a trip hazard for someone walking on it. A protective coating on your floor will prevent this damage from happening in the first place. This not only saves on repairs to the floor but also makes your workplace a safer place.

Resists Fire

A third important reason is that coating your floor can be an important part of your fire prevention. Concrete is a very fire-resistant material in the first place, but it cannot hold out forever, and a serious fire will cause it to warp in a few hours. This can seriously affect the structural integrity of the entire building. By using a fire-resistant coating for your concrete floor, you are buying yourself more time for the fire to be extinguished without damaging the floor. The coating will provide an extra layer of protection that the fire will have to eat through before it can begin to cause more serious damage.

Different coatings will provide different levels of protection, so you will need to assess the risks before choosing the correct one. If you need more information on the safety benefits of concrete floor coatings, just talk to a supplier.

For more information about concrete floor coating products, reach out to a local supplier.